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U.S.03-09-20●18 13:08 BJTLOS● ANGELES, March ■8 (Xinhua) -- P〓orsche Design 〓Group and Huawe●i, the Chinese ◆giant maker of tele●communicatio■ns equipment■, bring Po〓rsche Design H〓UAWEI Mate 1■0 to the Un◆ited State●s, delivering high■ly discern◆ing customers ●an experience○ with revolut

ionar●y speed, exten○sive battery life,〓 and functiona●l design cue■s."The phone i○s brand new ●to the market in t●he United Sta●tes. It deliv●ered to all of our○ Porsche D●esign stores● at the end of Feb○ruary," Adam McColl○um, head of p〓ublic relation〓s of Porsche○ Design of America,● Inc., told■ Xinhua in〓 an email ◆on Thursday.The ●technological○ly powerful new devi■ce, driven b

●y artificial intel◆ligence, combines ●Porsche De○sign's aesthetic cr●aft with Huaw〓ei's mobile engi●neering expertise."■As the phone ●has been selling for● just around a○ week, the only cu〓stomer fee○dback we've rec●eived has bee●n from the in-store ■clients, who re●ally love th●e sleek de◆sign of the device● and the f●eatures offe●red, which is w〓hy they say the●y purchase■d the phone," Mc●Collum added.With b■uilt-in AI 〓and a comb●ination of 6GB RAM ◆and 256GB ROM, ●the phone ●is the top-〓end device in Huawei■'s current p■roduct range, and ◆features the la■rgest memory○ cortex of ◆the whole HUAWEI Ma○te10 series■ -- ideal for ◆vastly storing phot■os, videos●, and documents."Wi◆th Huawei w○e have a passio■nate and wor


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l●d-wide respected■ partner that sh■ares our goals and v◆alues, whi■ch built th■e foundation f●or the creation o○f the new Porsche D●esign HUAWE■I Mate 10. We■ are delighted to co●ntinue the succe●ssful part●nership with Huaw●ei and bring an ou○tstanding smart ph◆one to the market ●that meets t■he expectations o◆f our demand○ing and te〓ch-savvy customers●," said Jan● Becker, CEO of● Porsche D○esign Group ●in a statement b●efore the o●fficial launchi○ng of the Porsch◆e Design Hu●awei Mate 10 in the ○United Stat●es."Our pa○rtnership with P●orsche Design refl●ects both brands' p●hilosophy that super○ior design is j●ust as imp


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